Building on the success and impact of the Personal and Professional Development Workshops in our 2015 Conference, we are thrilled to introduce the following dynamic coaches, and leaders in-their-field, who will be conducting the workshops during the 2016 Conference.

The Metronome Effect; the Journey to Predictable Profit
Shannon Byrne Susko, CEOZEN Consulting
Thursday April 21 – 2:20pm

Every leader wants to reduce their risk by predicting profit. Shannon Bryne Susko, of CEOZEN Consulting, will take you on her journey of over 15 years, in building 4 companies through a practical step by step framework, based on the best business minds, so all leaders can discover their path to predictable profit. The Metronome Effect will guide you on your journey to predictable profit.

Key Takeaways: step by step framework for business profit

Negotiating Your Worth
Kristina Sammut, Executive Coach for Women
Thursday April 21 – 2:20pm

How many moments have you felt unappreciated, or that you aren’t living in alignment with your goals? How many times have you felt in your gut that you are worth more and deserve more? It’s time to top undervaluing your worth.

In this presentation, Kristina will help you learn to define both your values and your value. Through targeted questioning and exercises, you will gain insight into who you are and what you truly have to offer. Kristina will show you how to use this knowledge to position yourself for success in any negotiation. Learn to stand up for yourself, and your worth.

Key Takeaways: Distinguish between worth and self-worth.  Identify your values. Develop a formula for interest-based negotiation

Be the Ultimate Executive: Increase your Impact
Lisa Martin
, Lisa Martin International
Friday April 22 – 10:00am

This session will show you what it takes to deliver exceptional executive leadership. Author and executive coach, Lisa Martin discusses 6 key skills required to shift your mindset and behaviour to excel at an executive level. Being an Ultimate Executive requires big picture thinking, advanced people skills and an ability to meet big demands. This session is for anyone who wants to maximize their impact on their organization, its employees and possibly far beyond.

Key Takeaways: Ownership, collaboration, effectiveness, and presence


Find Your Voice, Release Your Power
Narges Nirumvala, ExecutiveSpeak Coaching
Friday April 22 – 10:00am

How do you hold someone’s attention and inspire them to action in today’s hyper-technological, increasingly diverse workplace? In this highly interactive, empowering and energizing program Narges Nirumvala, of ExecutiveSpeak Coaching will take you on a journey to look for moments to make a greater impact in your world. Filled with personal stories and tangible takeaways, you will leave inspired and ready to take action.

Key Takeaways: public speaking tips, rapport building skills, body language awareness, and presentation skills

The Science of Health, Happiness and Productivity
Catherine Roscoe Barr, Wellness Coach
Friday April 22 – 10:00am

Are you constantly busy, and neglecting your health? Catherine Roscoe Barr, of The Life Delicious will lead you through an innovative, fun, and energizing workshop to get to the bottom of how to make your health, happiness and productivity a priority in your busy life.  She will teach you about the Trifecta of Wellness, and how to improve your peak performance. Her workshop will leave you feeling empowered and connected to your authentic self.

Key Takeaways: health conscious productivity tips, a sense of empowerment, nutrition inspiration, and an action plan for your life.



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