Partner Consulting and Digital Services Lead, PwC Canada, Toronto, ON

philipPhilip Grosch is a Partner at PwC Canada and is responsible for the Digital Services in Canada. He and his team help clients harness the power of the new digital reality to drive innovation and harness the power of disruption.

He has a strong belief in the importance of identifying, inspiring and supporting top talent as a critical aspect that drives business success.

Philip has become a somewhat unexpected sponsor and joint-architect of PwC’s innovative leadership program targeted at top talent, mid-career women.  Designed to transcend “lip-service”, this program is a leadership journey that is focused on empowering these amazing PwC women to achieve their full potential. Many of our graduates are now partners or well on their way to achieving this milestone.

Philip was selected as one of four global case studies showcasing the power of men sponsoring women as part of PwC’s leadership role in the UN’s #HeForShe ( initiative that is focused on the empowerment of women.

Outside of work, Philip is a strong supporter of veterans with a focus on supporting their transition and success in post-military careers. He is on the board of Treble Victor Group (3V) and a member of Canada Company. Philip is an Advisory Board Member for WXN’s Canada’s Most Powerful Women Top 100.  Philip was one of the Catalyst Canada Honours 2017 Business Impact Award Winners.  The Catalyst Canada Honours annually recognizes exceptional role models for accelerating progress for women through workplace inclusion.

A big fan of the revitalization force of vacations he tries to manage at least one adventure trip every year.